White-label Online Fitness Course

Want to know what got me from a struggling online fitness coach who was $200k in debt into one making hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit in a year? A scalable online course. I could only coach so many people 1-on-1, but I could sell my online course to thousands of people without investing my own personal time. It took me thousands of hours and dollars to find the perfect business model, but I’ve put it all into one white-label product for you. Copy my success for only $97 – it is hard to find a better deal anywhere.

Why This Program?


As experienced online coaches ourselves, we decided to create this turnkey fitness course available to all our colleagues who want to achieve success much faster:

How does this work?

Fun Fact: Creating This Course Took Us about 300 hours of work, over $4000, 5 people and years of experience to put together.

You can have it for a fraction of a price in a minute!




Why Should You Use Our White-label Online Fitness Course?

Made by a team of professionals with years of experience in online nutrition coaching.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You don't find the content useful? Send us a message, you'll get your money back with no hassle.

Editable content

Although everything is made ready for you to use instantly, you can still modify and adjust all the content.

How does this work?

– You can sell the course as it is (recommended price $99-199);

– You can edit, remove, merge and add as much as you want;

– You can use parts of this course in your other products;

– You can sell it as a standalone product or add an active coaching element to it.

BONUS: If you want something special or want the content to be customized (e.g. Adding your logo on videos or creating a totally new chapter), then message us on support@onlinefitness-pro.com

What's The Course About?

This course is designed to help anyone make a lasting and healthy lifestyle change. It takes the participants hand and gently guides them through the whole process from start to finish. Healthy weight loss, balanced eating habits, balanced lifestyle and mental wellbeing are our priorities. Different parts focus on different topics. Below is a short overview of the course:


Nutrition is the foundation of the course. We focus on a balanced, healthy diet that suits everyone. We don’t just tell people what to eat but also why and how.


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY MODULE This module covers all physical activity categories and helps the participant make the most out of being active.


This module is all about maximizing success chances and preparing the participant for lasting change. 


This module reminds people that life is more than what you eat and how much you move. We’ll cover different lifestyle aspects that help people improve their health and quality of life.


May be the most important module in the whole course. This section has all the tools to help you sell your course (and other products) like crazy! Written in collaboration with a genius professional copywriter and with ONE clear goal: sell the hell out of this course.


9 exercise videos with instructions and 20 stretching exercise instructions with beginner and advanced gym and home workout plans 

All modules bought separately are $185

From coach to coach

Meet Dr Jacob Wildman, MD. The lead creator of White-Label Fitness Course

– GP, certified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach;

– Have made tens of courses over the years, and helped tens of thousands of people online;

– Have written many books about lifestyle transformation, nutrition and weight loss.

Any questions?

Email me: support@onlinefitness-pro.com

Let's Recap What You Will Be Getting For Only $97:

= this content is worth at least $1455

As for minimal effort: you just have to download the content to your PC/device and upload it to your course platform, create a landing page and start selling. But you have the option to edit, add and remove content which we recommend you do – make it your own, add your own special touch to it. Realistically, it probably takes you one working day to get the course up and running.
It’s impossible to give any exact numbers. It depends on your lead base quality and size, selling price and conversion percent. As an estimate in our experience, you could take 1% conversion of your lead base as a minimal goal for 1-time offer. E.g. if you had 5000 people on your email list, you should get at least 1% or 50 people to buy your course = 50 x $47 = $2350. Better lists convert up to 10-20%. Of course, running the campaign non-stop or in intervals multiplies this percentage many times over. What if you don’t have a list of followers? Then your best bet is to start marketing to a cold audience with Facebook being the best platform for it. Your goal should be to get to a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) over 2, which means that you’d make at least 2 dollars for every 1 dollar you spend. Most people get there in 1-6 months.
No problem, we don’t want to get paid for anything that doesn’t help the buyer. Send us a message within 30 days of ordering to support@onlinefitness-pro.com and you’ll get 100% of your money back, without hassle.
Consider this – we could say that the potential client base is about 500 million people in the Western world; and only thousands of service providers. The possibility of people going in two courses that have the same template is so minuscule, almost 0%. Also – every coach adds their own special touch to every course, for example, creating a course Facebook community that no-one could clone.
All content is editable (in rich text format), except video files. If you have a special request for the content (e.g. you want us to modify content or put your logo on everything) – send us a message support@onlinefitness-pro.com and we’ll get you a quote.
Right after the purchase, you will get a link which leads to our online cloud storage service, where all the files are stored.

Best Value = Whole Course (+ Future Updates)

White-label Online Fitness Course PREMIUM Bundle

$397.00$ 97.00

Don't Need The Whole Course? Just Buy The Modules You Want

  • Sale!

    White-label Bodyweight BLAST

    $197.00 $47.00
  • Sale!

    White-label Tabata Program

    $197.00 $47.00
  • White-label Fitness Course: SCRIPTS

  • Sale!

    Nutrition Module: White-label Fitness Course

    $199.00 $49.00
  • Sale!

    Physical Activity Module: White-label Fitness Course

    $169.00 $39.00
  • Sale!

    Lifestyle Module: White-label Fitness Course

    $99.00 $29.00
  • Sale!

    Marketing Module: White-label Fitness Course

    $99.00 $29.00
  • Sale!

    Mental Change Module: White-label Fitness Course

    $169.00 $39.00
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