Physical Activity Module: White-label Fitness Course


Physical Activity Module: White-label Fitness Course

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This part covers all physical activity categories and helps the participant make the most out of being active.

Module Content :

  • A workout plan: aerobic, home workout, strenght training
  • ​Fitness tests
  • ​Guide: essential workout equipment
  • ​Video: Physical activity’s role lifestyle change and weight loss
  • ​Video: How to double your calories spent with daily activities?
  • ​Video: Aerobic exercise – principles and a simple guide
  • ​Video: High intensity aerobic training – kickstart your metabolism
  • ​Video: Resistance training – one of the best tools for burning fat if used correctly
  • ​Video: HIIT – fat burning x10
  • ​Video: How to use physical activity with maximal efficiency?
  • ​Video: Nutrition and supplements in support of physical activity
  • ​Video: Creating an effective workout plan
  • ​Video: Principles of building muscle


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