Nutrition Module: White-label Fitness Course


Nutrition Module: White-label Fitness Course

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Nutrition part is the foundation of the course. We focus on a balanced, healthy diet that suits everyone. We don’t just tell people what to eat, but also why and how.

Nutrition Part Content :

  • A balanced diet plan: 30% protein, 45-50% carbohydrates,
  • ​20-25% fat. 1475-2375 kcal + macros/calories calculator + a supplement guide
  • ​Recipe packs: clean eating, healthy dessert, vegan, paleo
  • ​Video: Protein – building blocks of the body
  • ​Video: Protein – from which sources?
  • ​Video: Carbohydrates – how to eat carbs the smart way?
  • ​Video: Fat – the fuel for metabolism Video: Fiber – why do you need it and where to get it?
  • ​Video: Why should you stay well hydrated?
  • ​Video: Are micronutrients important to consider in your diet?
  • ​Video: Meal timing – how often should you eat?
  • ​Video: Supplements to support and boost your goals
  • ​Video: Common problems when starting a new diet
  • ​Video: How to eat smart outside your home and on a trip?
  • ​Video: Controlled cheating – good bye emotional eating! How can you “cheat” without guilty conscience?
  • ​Video: How can you enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage without harming your metabolism and health?
  • ​Video: Artificial sweeteners – what you should know and which ones to avoid?
  • ​Video: Eating to lose weight – principles that help anyone eat so that it helps burn fat away with maximal efficiency.


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