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If You Are Ready To Stop Guessing And Start Building Your Online Brand And Business Systematically - Then This Is Precisely For You!

We’ve all been there. You work harder than anyone, you try to connect and create something helpful and meaningful. But it just doesn’t seem to pay off… Everyone seems to get so much attention but you.

What you need is a tested and proven system that has already made hundreds of thousands of dollars (probably much more) to countless online fitness, health and nutrition pros. One of those invaluable tools is a content calendar for social media. NOT JUST ANY CALENDAR but a calendar specifically made to create a hot lead base of followers while creating a constant stream of income at the same time.

“Been using it for just 2 weeks now and I’ve gotten more engagements and sales than in the previous 4 months!”

- Robert, online entrepreneur

“FINALLY I have something that my social media presence had been lacking. Saves me TONS of time. Thanks <3"

- Chloe, Personal Trainer and influencer

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An entrepreneur has so little time for everything
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A Comprehensive 1-Year Content Calendar With 365+ Posts For Fitness/Health/Nutrition Field Designed By Successful Online Entrepreneurs

50 Motivational posts

50 Ready-made Post Captions

50 Questions

50 Infographics

50 Recipes

50 Exercise images

50 Challenges Ideas

BONUS: Order Today And Get 50 Funny Original Fitness Memes

50 Fitness memes

From Influencers To Influencers... From Entrepreneurs To Entrepreneurs

We know what it's like...

Meet Dr Jacob – Online entrepreneur and lead creator of Automated Content Toolkit

I am a medical doctor, nutrition coach, personal trainer and online entrepreneur.

Like you, I’ve struggled with getting my online business off the ground, I read hundreds of marketing and business books, tried every kind of “new-and-fancy-strategy” and nothing seemed to work. In the end, it was an amazingly simple content marketing and lead generating system that got my online income to grow many times larger than my doctor’s salary in a year!

NO – you don’t need fancy funnels

NO – you don’t need SuperGuru X’s $999 course

NO – you don’t need a miracle

YES – you need a very simple system of constantly creating good content, which generates quality leads, which turn into paying customers. 


"It saves so much time... it's like I have a personal assistant :D"

How much do you value your time?
I’ve learned to value my time more than anything. Especially when you are an entrepreneur whose income is dependent on an hourly rate and working hours.
Would you want to fill your days with micromanaging and manual work or focus on the bigger picture and selling? YES – that’s what makes the difference in the end (I highly recommend the book “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”)
SO – save yourself 1-2 hours each day and, at the same time, let your follower and client base explode naturally! You will be amazed at the change it makes.”

I Had NO Idea How Powerful This Is

Donna, fitness entrepreneur

I have been working in the fitness business as an employee and later as an entrepreneur for over 10 years. Naturally I thought I had all I needed to make it big time. After years of struggling, I was ready to give up. One and a half years later and I have made more money after starting to use Online Fitness Pro tools than I had made in the past 15 years altogether! The systematic work and proven program pays off.
We’ve created the Social Media Calendar to make your life easier and free up your time to do more important things OR enjoy a little time off (I know you need it…!) When you have a ready-made idea, you need only 10 minutes a week to organize and publish your content.
You will see the results immediately. What kind and how much depends on what your starting situation is. Beginners will get results in a couple of weeks. If you are already a big star, the results will be lower, but your workload will be greatly reduced.
You will have access to the material rest of your life.

No problem, we understand. Send us a message within 30 days of ordering to and you’ll get 100% of your money back without hassle. 

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Social Media Calendar For Fitness, Health and Nutrition Pros

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