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70X high quality articles



  1. Grains for Gains – Do You NEED Carbs
  2. How Good Is Your Protein – Biological Value Of Proteins
  3. How Important Are Micronutrients
  4. How To Boost Testosterone Naturally – 5 Key Factors
  5. How to find balance between well-deserved rest and hard work
  6. How to get better sleep
  7. How To Improve Your Gut Health
  8. How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off – Part 1 – Nutrition
  9. How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off – Part 2 – Training
  10. How To Manage Injuries – Part 1- Types of Injuries
  11. How To Manage Injuries – Part 2 – Injury prevention
  12. How To Periodize Your Training
  13. How To Prevent Back Pain
  14. How to Stay Fit while traveling
  15. How To Train For Strength
  16. How To Train Smart – PT 1 – Understanding The Variables
  17. How To Train Smart – PT 2 – Understanding Your Goals & Setting The Plan
  18. How To Train While Losing Fat
  19. How To Warm Up Before A Workout
  20. I Don’t Have Time- – Part 1 – How To Train On A Busy Schedule
  21. I Don’t Have Time- – Part 2 – How To Eat On A Busy Schedule
  22. Is Plant Protein Good- – Plant Sources Of Protein
  23. Keto, Vegan, Carnivore – What’s The Best Diet
  24. Medication OR Lifestyle Changes
  25. Motivation VS Discipline – The Truth About Fitness
  26. Muscle Anatomy Basics PT 1 – Types Of Muscle Fibers
  27. Muscle Anatomy Basics PT 2 – Types Of Muscle Growth
  28. Muscle Asymmetry And How To Fix It
  29. Muscle Building 101 – Part 1 – Measuring your workout
  30. Muscle Building 101 – Part 2 – How the body provides energy
  31. Muscle building 101 – Part 3 – Types of muscle fibers
  32. Muscle building 101 – Part 4 – Types of muscle growth
  33. Muscle building 101 – Part 5 – How many sets and reps to do-
  34. Muscle building Nutrition – Part 1 – Let’s Talk Calories
  35. Muscle building Nutrition – Part 2 – Proteins & Fats
  36. Muscle building Nutrition – Part 3 – Carbs Are KING
  37. Protein Supplements – Are They Worth It-
  38. Reasons why you are not losing weight
  39. Rethink Drinking
  40. Squat 101 – Part 1 – Front vs Back Squat
  41. Squat 101 – Part 2 – High Bar vs Low Bar
  42. Stretching – Should You Do It
  43. Superfoods & Their Effect On Health
  44. The 3 Training Factors
  45. The importance of dietary fat – Part 1 – Types of fat
  46. The importance of dietary fat – Part 2 – Functions & Best sources
  47. The importance Of sleep – Part 1 – The side effects of bad sleep
  48. The Importance Of Sleep – Part 2 – Tips & Tricks
  49. The Science Of Willpower
  50. The Two Types Of Muscle Growth
  51. Training & Nutrition as tools – Realizing Your True Physical & Mental Potential
  52. Training For Men Over 40 – Why & How You Should Train
  53. Veggies = Weight Loss
  54. Which Supplements Should You Use
  55. Why Gut Health Is Important
  56. Why is Mindfulness important for your workout
  57. Why You Should Document Your Fitness Journey
  58. Why you SHOULD hire a personal trainer
  59. Your Diet is Over, Now What- – How To Reverse Diet
  60. You’re not fat
  61. 4 Foods To Keep You Fuller For Longer
  62. A Short Guide To Protein
  63. Anaerobic VS Aerobic Training – Which One Is Better-
  64. Are Pre-Workout Supplements Good For You-
  65. Bodyweight VS Weight Training – Which One Is Better-
  66. Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep-2
  67. Elements of a successful fitness plan
  68. Fitness Ideas for Valentine
  69. Food Supplements for Regular People- Necessary or a Marketing Trick
  70. Getting Back On Track After The Holidays


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